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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

What should I expect from my first Reiki session?

Clients have reported to me many different experiences for their first healing session. Some have seen colors, shapes, felt heat; most of all clients have told me how relaxed they feel!

Please don't worry about what you may or may not feel or see; honestly just relax and trust the process.

Do you help treat terminal or chronic illness?

I cannot treat or diagnose! Reiki  should NOT be in place of medical attention. Reiki services are currently being offered in hospitals, before and after surgery.

How should I prepare for my first session?

Best way to prepare is to just relax and let go. Try to refrain from any caffeine at least one hour prior to your appointment. This is only to ensure a relaxed session.

Think about an intention. What are you hoping to achieve? Your intentions do not have to be made to me, as long as you are aware.

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